11 September, 2017


"I watched hockey my entire life, I grew up with the Detroit Red Wings winning the cup four times before I turned 13 but we didn't have a rink in my county until I was 10. I started playing hockey for fun when I was a month away from turning 14. But then two months later my mom took me to an Adrian college women's hockey game and I decided I wanted to play college hockey at Adrian. Fast forward a few years and I ended up having to quit playing because there weren't enough girls my age in my area to form a team, I would've had to drive almost three hours to find a team. So first I student coached the best group of girls who won the state title my junior year. And then I decided that if I couldn't play, I'd make sure other little girls had the opportunity to play and not have to quit like i did. Since hanging up my skates, I've attended countless Michigan Amateur Hockey Association meetings with my mom to advocate for girls and recently boycotted working the World Championships because of how usa hockey treated the women. I may not play anymore, but I'm doing everything I can to make sure no other little girl has to quit because of lack of opportunity." - @carlymarie.14 (Instagram) | Women's Hockey Advocate 
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    WomensHockeyLife provides what we feel is a much needed information resource for all who are interested in participating in the sport at every level - recreational, university, professional (post university) and for those who are doing it now, or have enjoyed it in the past.

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