02 August, 2017

Lindsay Wilde

“Every coach that I have had along the way has lead me to where I am today and where I was when I made the team. I have learned a lot from my past experiences. Transitioning to ball hockey was harder than I expected.

I started playing in Chicago when I first moved there in order to make friends, so the original purpose of why I started made the transition a little easier, because it was solely for fun and social purposes. I had already been playing for a couple of years before I moved to Boston and joined teams here.

Boston is highly skilled and more competitive than Chicago, so playing in Boston turned the sport from a social hobby into a passion. I have surprised myself that, at age 30, I can continue to improve in a sport that I have played for so long. I always assumed that, at some point long ago, I had peaked. I have learned that isn't the case, and hard work continues to pay off, no matter how old you are.”

- Lindsay Wilde on playing for Team USA at the 2017 ISBHF Worlds | Team USA | ISBHF

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