26 July, 2013

Patricia Baranowski

It's amazing how things in life happen to fall into place. I lived 48 years thinking "hey...life is just a  piece of cake and I'm enjoying it" .... Until one day, icing was added to my cake.  HOCKEY is my icing! 

When I look back, I'm surprised that I ever lived without it. 

My hockey career began somewhat unexpectedly...a little article in the paper inviting beginner hockey players to come out and give a game a try. Well, even beginner was too good for me. I had never been on skates in my life! But this was something I just knew could be nothing but fun.  When the evening came for the big game, I dragged my 20 year old son's very stinky hockey bag to my car and tossed it in my trunk. So far so good.  My drive to the arena involved many stops on the side of the road. These stops were to convince myself that I really DID want to do this and it REALLY would be fun! I had told no one I was doing this crazy thing to eliminate the possibility of "fans". 

So I arrived at the arena without turning back home. A definite success!

Once into the dressing room, I realized I had no idea what order any of this gear went on. And here is my first experience of hockey camaraderie! Every one of those hockey players helped me get that stuff on me. And before we even got on the ice, we were laughing and joking like we'd known each other all season. 

Here comes the scary part. As soon as I stepped on the ice, I realized that skating was really not as easy as those hockey players make it look on TV.  My first push off from the boards ended with me lying in a heap of hockey equipment on the ice ... nothing hurt but my 48 year old pride! And we're still in the warm up. It was not until this very moment that an earth shattering realization hit me.  I had NO idea how to get up!  It was then that the super hero in stripes rescued me. That ref picked me up, dusted me off and pushed me on my way! 

The game progressed with many falls and much rolex daytona replica ,breitling replica watches ,replica watches uk laughter. I can't remember the final score. I do remember the fun! 

I am happy to announce that 4 years later I am now a Hockey Addict and very proud of it! The friends I have made, the things I've learned and the great times I've had on and off the ice make me very glad that I've become a Hockey Player! 

James says:
04 January, 2012 at 13:52 PM
Pat clearly enjoys being on the ice and playing hockey, she's doing a lot to bring the great sport of Ice Hockey to other players as well! As someone who refs some of Pat's games ('tho not the ref mentioned in the article), Pat's come a long way since I first saw her play. She is definitely one of those players that is improving from game to game and season to season. It really is fun to think back and realize that the progression in her game is a direct result of how much she enjoys the sport. Good job, Pat, keep skating!

Michelle says:
04 January, 2012 at 17:24 PM
Wow, I always love to hear about someone else who has the same passion for the sport as I do, finding it after the age of 40!!! I plan on printing your story out and showing to family and friends who think that I am the only hockey addict around !!!! Not only do you demonstrate a real example of how to just throw yourself into something whole heartedly, participating to the fullest, but your mindful attention to charity for others is truly something to respect and emulate. Keep it up Pat

Krissy says:
04 January, 2012 at 19:12 PM
Dear Mother-In-Law...I'll be your defense any day! Thanks for encouraging me to play :)

Adam says:
04 January, 2012 at 20:05 PM
She got me on the ice too. i can't believe I took so long to start playing.

Laura says:
04 January, 2012 at 21:25 PM
A great story that conveys my aunt Pat's passion for life (and in this case hockey)! Way to go!

anne zarnke says:
19 September, 2012 at 14:33 PM
Hi Pat, I will be walking in your footsteps. I don't skate and I want to play hockey this winter. Please if you would call me back that would be peachy keen. Anne 905-681-8370 p.s. I am getting my nieces old hockey equipment from Toronto that she used when she was in high school. Can't wait!

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