HC Slavia Praha


HC Slavia Praha women’s ice hockey team is based out of Slany, Czech Republic and participates in both the Czech Women’s Extraliga and European Champions League.

The Czech Women’s  Extraliga league has only 1-2 quality teams, therefore, the women’s league itself is not very strong. Slavia has lost only two league games in the last 5+ years with most of their players being current or former national team members.

Slavia’s main focus with import players is to strengthen their team for the European Champions League.

Slavia Praha cannot offer salaries, but does offer housing, utilities and other living related perks like use of a vehicle, etc.

The team generally practices 3 times a week and will have 1 or 2 games on the weekend. Occasionally, there are games during the week against local midget boy’s teams. The practices are fast-paced and intense. Their head coach is also the head coach of the Czech National Women’s Team. He does not speak English, but has worked for many years with non-English speaking players. He does speak “hockey English” and can understand and relate some basic hockey terms.

There are a number of Slavia Players who are English/Czech bi-lingual with one being a Princeton ‘08 graduate.  

Head Coach: Karl Manhart

Player Development Coordinator:  James Craig

Location:  Slany, Czech Republic


Language: Czech

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