HC Lugano


HC Lugano Ladies Team is a semi-professional women’s ice hockey team that competes in the Swiss Women’s A League. The team is located in the southern tip of Switzerland in the Italian speaking canton of Ticino. HC Lugano is the only women’s A team that is not located in the Swiss German region. The city of Lugano is 20 mins from the border of Italy, 1 hour North of Milan and about two and a half hours south of Zurich by car. The population of Lugano is approximately 55,000 people.

As a paid foreigner for HC Lugano Ladies Team, you receive a monthly salary from September through March. The club sets up a fully furnished apartment for the foreign players to share and one car is provided for them to share as well. Each month, money for rent, health insurance and auto insurance is deducted from your salary.

The Lugano Ladies Team practices in the evenings 3 times a week. Swiss players who do not live close to Lugano but play for the team, are required to travel down for at least one practice a week and to train otherwise with a team in the area where they live. Foreign players are required to do two additional early morning practices per week with the Junior boys. All games are played on the weekends.  Included in the contract between HC Lugano and its foreign players are 3 hours a week of coaching beginner level hockey players.

Lugano typically carries 4 foreign players. The rules for the Swiss Women’s A League state that one of the 4 foreigners must be a European foreign player. That means a maximum of three North Americans can play in each game.

HC Lugano is a very successful team and is often seen as the team to beat. They’ve won four Swiss National Titles, three silver medals and a bronze medal in the ten years since they first qualified for the A League.


Location: Lugano, Switzerland

Language: Italian, English

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