04 January, 2012

Last night in Tokyo for the Concordia Stingers


Today was our last full day in Tokyo and in Japan. Our itinerary was essentially the same. We had more Princess Rabbits come to show us around different parts of the city. I opted to go see the Harajuku neighborhood. It was quite the thrill. While Harajuku isn't my choice of fashion, it was interesting to experience the area and learn about this district and obviously to people watch. We did a little bit more shopping and had a good Japanese pre-game meal.  

A big trend in Japan is to take and edit photobooth pictures in the arcades. We went with our three guides today and had fun taking pictures and editing them. We then printed enough for everyone to keep as a souvenir. Overall, it was another great day. 

Our trip is quickly coming to a close. I think I've reached the point at which I'm really looking forward to going home. Tonight's post-game team bonding session will be fun! I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed and being able to use my electric toothbrush. I really like the feeling of cleaning my teeth with my electric rather than manual toothbrush. One of my quirks! Nonetheless there remains a hockey game to be played! 

The Stingers' final game ended in a loss, 4-2, but there are many positives to be taken from the game. Many of the adjustments we made/ still need to make will be in our advantage once we get back on the smaller ice surface. After playing 6 games on the Olympic ice, the strong conditioning of our team was evident and it will be beneficial as we make our playoff push.  

I’ll keep this post short since one night in Tokyo remains and I heard some rumblings about Karaoke!

With Stingers Pride and one last time from Tokyo,



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Stef says:
06 January, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Proud of you girls!

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