14 September, 2013

Brittany Lyons Heads to Austria to Begin Professional Career

What an adventure I have had already! Me and my roommate from Quinnipiac University have travelled to Austria together! I was very scared to get on a plane because I have only done so a few times in my life. Saying bye to my family and friends was also very tough, I spent the last week at home doing that. 

When it was time to board the plane (at midnight!!) Felica and I realized our seats were not next to each other! That made us nervous so I asked a kind man if he would swap seats with me. Thankfully he said yes! One great part about this plane ride was that there were free alcohol beverages! That definitely took the edge of the flight for me, ha-ha! Next thing we knew dinner was being served and a movie of our choice was in front of us on our personal TV’s. Felica fell asleep soon after and I was left to think about what was to come after this 8 hour plane trip. 

When we touched down in Austria we were met by two players and our team manager holding a huge sign with our names on it all decorated. That night we went back and stayed with Eve and Knessi, the two players that picked us up. We got a pizza, toured Vienna, and got to know them both.  The next day we went to get our player cards so that we would be allowed to play here in Austria. After that we went to our first practice with the team! Every one was wicked nice and most of them spoke English pretty well! That was a surprise because I thought Felica and I would be on our own with that one. The only one who had some trouble is the coach, ha-ha! He would explain a drill in German and my friend Julia on the team would explain in to me in English. It was a great practice and we did a lot of conditioning. 

That night we went to a bar that was open 24 hours. I had my first Austrian beer and shot! They were good and there was not much difference from the American ones.  The next day Felica and I practiced with the boys to get extra ice time. Our first game is next Sunday in Slovenia so we want to skate as much as possible. We haven’t had much time to travel the town or other countries yet but we plan to do so. Today I am going to get bikes with Margret the manager who has been so great to us!! But I will keep you posted everyone! 




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