31 March, 2013

UMD's Wilson Ends Her Career As A Bulldog

I really didn’t take my parents too seriously when they dropped me off four years ago in Duluth, Minnesota and told me “enjoy every second, time flies.” Of course, there have been good days and bad days, but Duluth has given me the most incredible four years of my life. Unfortunately this season was not the most successful season the Bulldogs have had and many lessons were learned. My senior year was a roller coaster of fantastic weekends and successful series’, combined with tough losses and multiple injuries. My teammates and myself really learned to deal with adversity as some weekends we would play with four full lines and other weekends we were down to only two and a half lines. 

Before the Christmas holidays I really saw a mature change in our team. We were playing our best hockey after returning form Christmas, but a lot of things didn’t go our way. We weren’t the most talented team to ever wear the Bulldog jersey, but this team sure had great chemistry. We fought hard come play offs, but it wasn’t enough to get past the Ohio State Buckeyes and we ended our season very early. Obviously this is not the way we wanted things to turn out and as a senior this was a very hard thing to deal with, but it was a great learning experience for the freshman and under classman going into next season. 

As my four years as a Bulldog comes to an end I have had some time to reflect on the amazing times I have spent in Duluth.  I was very fortunate to join this team in 2009 during the centralization year for all the Olympic players. I had the chance to prove myself and thus earned a very important role on the team. My first year was a huge learning year for the other freshman and myself. As a freshman my team won the 2010 National Championship. That year will stay with me for the rest of my life and truly was an amazing season. It was a very incredible experience and a huge step in my hockey career. As one of three teams out of the entire NCAA to have won a National Championship I feel very lucky to be apart of such a great program and winning tradition. 

Minnesota-Duluth women’s hockey team has an amazing staff. I have not only gotten to play with some of the worlds best female hockey players, but I have been coached by the best. Coach Shannon Miller, Coach Laura Schuler, Coach Steven Macdonald, Coach Michelle McAteer, and Coach Maria Rooth have all played or coached at a very high level of women’s hockey. They have taught me so much over the past four years not only on the ice, but off the ice as well. They are amazing coaches and amazing people and I would encourage any young female to aspire to play for these individuals. 

I am still currently living with teammates that will be returning next year and they are already eager to start the new season. UMD has a large freshman class coming in and I have been hearing great things about this young group of women. It has still not sunk in that I won’t be returning to wear the Bulldog jersey next season, but I am very excited for this team and the potential that lies ahead. Some of my favorite memories as a Bulldog were my first weeks back after summer and meeting the new group of girls that would soon become my family and I wish all my teammates and future Bulldogs the best of luck in the upcoming season. 

The freshman, sophomores and juniors have the next couple weeks off to rest, catch up on school and be “regular” college students, but soon it is back to work! The Bulldogs will start there after season training in just a few weeks and start preparing for replica watches, cheap replica watches the 2013-2014 season. As the weather starts to get better, Duluth becomes a beautiful place, perfect for outdoor training. Many of the girls are staying in Duluth this summer to train and take classes, all to prepare themselves for the upcoming season. 

The sophomores and juniors that are now leading the team are a very focused, mature and hard-working group of young women. There is no doubt in my mind that they will lead this program to its 6th National Title. Soon to be a proud Bulldog alumni, I am hoping to come and watch my old teammates fight for that title and work their way back to the top! I will never forget these past four years and the amazing memories Duluth has given me. christian louboutin outlet, louis vuitton outlet

Always a Bulldog!

-Katie Wilson

Dan says:
01 April, 2013 at 16:45 PM
Best of luck wherever the future takes you, Katie. It's been fun watching you grow as a player, but it went way too quickly. Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog!

Mark Staffieri says:
08 June, 2013 at 12:43 PM
Congrats on a great career. Best of luck should you continue to play in the CWHL

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